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Perlesque: The Elegant Sex Toy Brand Worth Buzzing About

Pleasure is best served with this understated and technically ingenious new label, created for and by women

It’s no secret that advances in digital technology have had a profound effect on our sex lives. The use of fast, hard-hitting apps such as Tinder, Bumble and Grindr are commonplace, removing the warmth that was once fundamental to true intimacy – which, in turn, is now imitated through tricked-out teledildonics. Yet, in spite of these technological triumphs, the fail-safe sex toy, which dates back to 28,000 BC in the form of a siltstone-crafted phallus, remains a sensual stalwart – whether used solo, or with a partner (or more) – to achieve satisfaction worth talking about. 

Rea Deacon, the London-based co-founder of luxurious new sex toy label Perlesque, concurs. “The sex toy is a perennial product. With Perlesque, we wanted our customers to achieve fulfillment, not just sexually, but in their relationships too, bringing back communication and intimacy while celebrating the act of pleasure.” Deacon, who started Perlesque with her sister-in-law in 2014 after experiencing a sub-standard sex life while in a relationship, which she discusses with refreshing candour, was confronted with a lack of chic applications. “I found that the industry was heavily dominated by products geared towards men, so we thought it was high time to inject some feminine charm,” she explains. 

Comprised of soft, pneumatic silhouettes in suitably muted tones of grey, Perlesque’s debut collection is a far cry from the gaudy models sold by well-known high-street giants that willingly provide cheap titillation. “Hopefully, our brand is something that women can associate themselves with. I hope it allows them to feel liberated, both sexually and in life,” adds Deacon. Here, as Perlesque builds a steady buzz of anticipation, she discusses her mission in greater detail…

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On the name…
"We liked the idea of the ‘Pearl’ being a hidden treasure much like the female anatomy. This was our base point and we evolved from there through various brainstorming sessions."

On her creative process
"We started by fully immersing ourselves in the industry, going to shows and parties. We also held focus groups in which men and women could talk freely about where they felt their sex lives were lacking. Armed with this information we set about looking at what was on offer on the market. We found that the industry was swamped with overly complicated products and that there was too much choice without any clear direction of what could be achieved with the products. From here I decided I knew roughly what I wanted to launch with and approached a supplier. We worked together to develop the products that would be Perlesque’s first collection. From here we went on to create the branding and the colour palette that we felt would best suit our consumer."

On the hero Perlesque product
"Our key model is The Eris [Ed's note: the toys are each named after Greek goddesses]. The vibrations on the Eris are extremely powerful, providing intense pleasure. The ‘ears’ on The Eris also mean that it's a perfect product to use with a partner, enabling you to enjoy different sensations at the same time. It has seven settings and is fully rechargeable, as well as being waterproof."

On her ultimate female inspiration
"Sophia Amoruso [American author and founder of global retailer Nasty Gal] is an inspiration to me. She has such an interesting story and has experienced hard times that in turn became the driving factor to her success. I think it's amazing that she has created platforms for other women to learn how to break the mold and create something for themselves."

On her sexual mantra
"Never be afraid to ask for more!"

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