At Perlesque your pleasure is our main priority. We wanted to create a brand where women and men can come and explore their sexuality. Our aim is to deliver beautifully designed products, exceptionally presented and entirely effective.

Designed with the modern consumer in mind, the shopping experience is almost as pleasurable as the products themselves ….!

Pleasure is paramount to us and for us it doesn’t stop once the product is with you, we aim to educate women, men and couples on their sexual journey with or without toys.

We have developed a line of toys that are not only subtle and elegant in their design but also fully functional in their form. We want you to feel liberated by our collection, creating products for you without compromising your standards. We know that you will love the way they make you feel.

So explore your desire and perhaps try new things. Remember that it isn’t always about solo play, some of our products are best enjoyed with a partner, as such we hope to ensure it is - always a pleasure.

always a pleasure

As women with high standards we spotted a gap in the market for intimate products done well. We set about developing a line of products that would satisfy the needs of solo and couple play. We wanted the whole experience to be enjoyable and satisfying. As working mothers we understand the needs of modern society and hopefully we have created a brand that can become a part of your bedroom and ensure that pleasure is had by all.

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behind the scenes

Joanna Pallaris

We’re so pleased to be working with Joanna Pallaris for our campaign imagery - a limited collection of Joanna's works can be purchased from the link below.

Joanna Pallaris


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